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Each year we entertain a number of overseas visitors as well as interstate and local clients wanting to improve there polo with a polo holiday.

Traditionally polo holidays are based around a fairly relaxed view of stick and balling in the sun with some uncompetitive chukkas in the afternoon. This is a very successful concept and many will still prefer this for a holiday, at Surf Coast Polo we can cater for this style of holiday if you wish, but we also believe that some people want to push their limits a little more.

Therefore we have come up with a teaching formula that improves the 3 aspects of your game separately. Riding, hitting and team strategy is worked on, discussed and then put into action in tournaments that run at one of the local clubs every weekend.

With polo almost every weekend from the end of October through to the beginning of April each year, and each with between 12 and 22 teams, you will not go short on polo. We generally fill 2 artic trucks with 42 horses for each weekend.

Holidays can be formulated to your requirements, but generally you would ride 2 horses with intensive instruction each morning, Tuesday through to Friday. You would play club chukkas on Wednesday and Thursday, farm chukkas on Tuesdays and Fridays. Leaving the weekends to play tournaments at one of 3 levels 0, 4 or 10 goal. Contact us for a quote.

Accommodation is usually organized on the beach in Torquay or Anglesea, where the selection is vast, but there is an option to cut down on the cost of this and stay with us.

The Surf Coast is also very family friendly, we are just 15 minutes from the Great Ocean Road which is a massive tourist destination, with some of the best surf beaches in the world, endless family entertainment, good night spots, beautiful countryside and wildlife.

On top of this we are only just over an hour to Melbourne which is the undisputed sporting capital of the world, and hosts great events such as F1, Australian Open Tennis, Melbourne Cup Horse Race, Cricket Boxing Day Test, AFL, to mention a few.

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